Kathy as seen in a frame grab from a Microsoft News video report of Kathy's successful "Fox News Turn Right" boycott, which demanded Fox News return to serving the conservative audience which made it successful. The only effective boycott in Fox News' history, it sent Fox ratings down from the first day of the boycott and for many months afterward by 22%, a staggering accomplishment, well before conservatives generally awoke to Fox News not serving it's conservative audience to its best ability.

Kathy proving herself to be a blue-ribbon prize winner at the age of 6 years old.

 Kathy, still the dressage enthusiast, tries to get in a little practice in a schedule which is becoming increasingly short of spare time as she continues to work in the service of her faith and country . 

Kathy with friend Callista Gingrich, wife of the former Speaker of the House  at a Newt Gingrich for President campaign in 2012.

Kathy and her beloved pal, Ditto.

Kathy with actor Kevin Sorbo (God's Not Dead, Abel's Field, Star of Hercules, the TV series, TV series Andromeda) at a recent large Christian media event on 2/26/2016, discussing movies - and Bravery (photo taken by an unknown and well-meaning but not-photo-professional Sorbo fan)

Kathy with former US House Representative, 

2011 CPAC Keynote Speaker and Fox News

Contributor Colonel Allen West on March 7,


Together our two producers have over 40 years experience in the film industry with some impressive credentials and even bigger creative motion picture ideas. They have created a totally new Christian motion picture genre: the Christian Science Fiction Movie, which merges faith and science seamlessly to reach an audience being otherwise brainwashed by an atheistic mainstream media. 

The Bravery producers have developed the opportunity to meet Hollywood on its own turf, and with no censorship or mockery options stacked in their favor, the atheists must lose: they always do when met on an equal playing field against God. But this won't happen until Christians movie makers meet the challenge set before them. Bravery's producers, no strangers to taking on issues head-on and winning, will be leading the way with your help.

With your support, donations and help, Bravery's box office revenue will set the stage for a new, large studio in Tennessee and an endless stream of Christian motion pictures which will give Hollywood's message machine a run for its money. 

Help us defeat Hollywood on their own 3D, special effects heavy terms with better drama and a much better message and change opinions, save souls, win hearts and do God's work. Please donate right now and tell everyone you know that this can be done.

The project is here and the time is now.

Producer in Tennessee:

 Kathy Amidon



Kathy was raised in North East Tennessee and currently lives just outside of  Nashville. She has worked many years in advertising, marketing , event coordinating, merchandise and, notably, movie distribution, specializing in motion pictures produced by Warner Brothers. Kathy produced the live action part of promotional trailer 'Bravery: On Wings Like Eagles' with the help of a few Christian volunteers and has worked with her NYC-oriented media expert co-producer on many Christian and conservative projects for over 4 1/2 years . Kathy's ability to stretch the budget as a first-class dealmaker is, in the opinion of her co-producer, entirely unprecedented. Kathy managed to arrange everything from costumes, the CBS studio facility, equipment, actors and the pizzas to feed them for free. In other words, as the old motion picture saying goes, "the money raised for the film will be on the screen". Her activism has awarded her effusive thanks from ranking U.S. Congressmen and the occasional attention of the mainstream media as high up the ladder as Newsweek, the Huffington Post and others.

East Coast

Maintaining a low-profile on his Christian activism for obvious reasons in a city hostile to Christians and conservatives, which can cost a person their career (as Kevin Sorbo, shown above, has made quite clear is also a problem in Hollywood), Kathy's co-producer is a NYC media specialist and has over 30 years experience in the industry as producer, director, animator, successfully wearing a huge range of professional hats in the business. He has written, produced, directed or otherwise significantly creatively contributed to national commercials , TV shows, theatrical and television motion pictures and directed name actors. You likely know at least one actor, TV show or movie he has been directly creatively involved with. A few such projects have long-established fan bases. He has been friends with genuine legends in the industry with stories which are his alone for the telling. He is looking forward to saying farewell to the east coast for good and relocating to Tennessee once the funding for Bravery is raised to at last work among a majority of other true believers, to c0-supervise the studio creation and co-produce with Kathy Amidon and direct many features planned in God's name, to lead the Christian filmmaking community on how to get stronger messages which reach wider audiences. Or as he puts it, "One last, long, and the best adventure in this business."

Additional artists and crew who did not work on the promotional fundraising trailer have been contacted and a few are already well-familiar with one of our two producers. Many are ready to give their career all in the name of God and move to Tennessee to follow this start up studio with a vision.


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